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Diary of a PR Professional: Welcome to the “Real World”

Graduation is coming up, and chances are, the number one question you are currently being asked is: “So, what are you going to do after graduation?” Family, friends, your dentist – they all ask it. If you don’t have it all figured out quite yet, don’t panic.  However, if you are starting to look into…

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Who Wants to be a PR Pro?

You’ve taken the classes.  You’ve polished your resume.  You’ve done mock interviews with anyone who will listen – mom, dad, the cat… You’re 22, fresh out of college, and ready to make your PR dreams come true! But then the “I’m sorry, but we’ve chosen another applicant” emails come in.  Hours of writing cover letters…

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The Dating Game – Developing Reporter Relationships

It all starts with “hello.”   A few exchanges occur and you find yourself involved in a blossoming relationship…with a reporter.  It’s not marriage you’re after, but rather, a mutually beneficial working partnership between PR pro and journalist. So…Shaken or Stirred? Much like dating, the first exchange is always the hardest.  How do you virtually approach reporters…

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