#HIMSS17: Social Scene Guide

The health IT community will be out in full force this week at HIMSS17 in Orlando, and on social media. If you’ve been sitting on the social sidelines, aren’t quite sure of what you can accomplish, or just want a little more information on how you can make the most of social opportunities — here are a few thoughts as we kick off the week. It’s a great time to see social amplification in action and take new steps on your social journey.

Listening 101: Track the big ideas, the trending topics, and the opportunities ahead for health IT. If you don’t have a tool set up – install Hootsuite now — it’s quick and free — and create a stream for the HIMSS hashtags. This will let you see a consolidated list of HIMSS posts, and track the news quickly and easily.

Follow the Leaders: As you make new contacts at the show, or see ideas shared on social, follow them to stay in touch and keep seeing their posts. If a potential customer or new partner follows you back, they will continue to see your posts into the future. And, check out the HIMSS social media ambassadors as they’ll be sharing a broad cross section of show news. Tips: See who is sharing the most-shared content with BuzzSumo. And, in Twitter where post overload is an issue, set up a list for your health IT contacts, so that you can then easily see and engage with posts just from this community.  A potential customer often needs to see your brand and content many times before they are “sales-ready.” Social media helps build familiarity and ultimately, trust.

What’s With the #Hashtags? Smaller events tend to rally around a single event hashtag — letting you tag your posts to the conversation and quickly see the full social picture by searching for the event tag. Not so fast at HIMSS, where there are so many different areas discussed they’ve broken out a list of “official” hashtags. Check this guide out and use these granular hashtags to reach a more targeted audience. Just don’t over tag — if your post is too hard to read #due #to #too #many #hashtags — folks won’t. Avoid making up new tags — if you want visibility.  Tip: Don’t put your booth number in every post — some screen these out of their feeds, trying to whittle down to the more interesting posts. Do share your content — white papers, blog posts, infographics, etc. Great opportunity while a larger audience is watching during the show.)

The Viral Effect: So, in this case viral isn’t a disease and is a good thing…i.e. what should you post to get attention? If your post is re-shared, all the followers of the person who re-shared see it. And so on, and so on. Don’t be discouraged if you have 56 followers — because of the viral effect, 10,000 people might see your post. It’s not just about number of followers, but it is about if they engage with your posts (comment on them/re-share them, etc.), helping amplify your voice.

Thinking Big: Back to what gets shared…Ideas that share a new point of view . Or inspire. Or challenge. Share your ideas, great quotes from a speaker on your topic area, insights from a new study, an interesting headline, or a question that seems to be bubbling to the top. And, keep the social aspect in mind — sometimes the goal isn’t 10,000 views. Let a speaker know you found their talk valuable. Share an article written by that reporter you just briefed. Use social as a follow up touch point. Avoid the fluff/talk like a human — almost forced on Twitter where 140 characters doesn’t leave you room for nails-on-chalkboard adjectives (innovative, leading, etc.)

Enjoy the show and the energy of a community dedicated to improving healthcare. It’s the perfect time to see how social media helps you connect — both during and after the show. The conversation will continue…

Nicole Burdette, 11mark

February 20, 2017

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