Diary of a PR Professional: Welcome to the “Real World”

Graduation is coming up, and chances are, the number one question you are currently being asked is:

“So, what are you going to do after graduation?”

Family, friends, your dentist – they all ask it.

If you don’t have it all figured out quite yet, don’t panic.  However, if you are starting to look into career options, it helps to have an idea of what to expect.

“Am I going to be stuck behind a desk all day?”

“Is every work day going to be the exact same?”

“Will it be all work and no play?”

No – that is, if you are interested in career at a public relations agency.

As a public relations professional, you will be involved in a fast-pace environment, with many different moving parts to keep you on your toes.  Through various events and networking opportunities, you will be able to get out from behind the desk and meet many new faces.

If this sounds like your kind of career, tune in.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Based on my experience while making the transition from college student to public relations professional, I would like to share some of my lessons learned, and tips that worked for me:

  • Set your focus. The beauty of a PR career is that it’s very versatile.  From government IT, to the fashion industry, the opportunities for a PR pro are limitless.  Therefore, I would suggest researching the focus areas of the agency you join, and make sure that you are sincerely interested in that area.  When you are interested in your work, passion will drive you
  • Organize. Organize. I cannot stress enough how important organization is – not only for your productivity, but for your sanity.  As mentioned before, PR professionals are likely involved in many moving projects at once – and must be aware of project status at all times.  If you keep your inbox, folders, and calendars organized, you will thank yourself next time your client calls and asks about something you discussed weeks ago
  • Understand the “big picture.” Prioritizing tasks is a necessity for success.  Ask yourself, “What needs to get done today?” and spend your time accordingly.  Everyone has their own methods, but I suggest utilizing a “To Do” list each day – highlighting the most important, and working on those first as you work down the list throughout the day.  When you first begin your career, everything may seem equally important.  But as you become more involved in all areas of your agency, things will start falling into place and you will see the big picture of things – allowing you to realize which tasks are of top priority
  • Don’t be scared to make mistakes. I found this lesson is important to learn, and hard to accept.  No one likes to mess up, but mistakes are inevitable – especially as you begin a new career.  If you spend your career playing it safe in order to avoid hiccups, you will not only cheat yourself of innovative thinking, but also miss out on learning experiences for future reference.  Mistakes act as a guide by showing us what to do, and not to do, next time

Join Us

Ultimately, as you transition from college life to your first full-time position, you will be learning a lot both in and out of the office.  Treat every task as a learning opportunity, trust your best judgment, and you will be conquering the real world soon enough.

If you are ready to get started in your career as a PR pro, consider joining our team – we would love for you to grow with us.

So the next time someone asks you:

“So, what are you going to do after graduation?”

You can say:

“I’ll be a public relations professional.”

Kara Burns, 11mark

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