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The Show Must Go On: Making Your Next Federal Event Your Best Event

Three-ring circus, or good lead gen opportunity?  Both?  Many have a love/hate relationship with industry events. Events are typically the most significant slice of the marketing pie.  But they have had their challenges.  The VA in Florida.  GSA in Vegas.  The shutdown. But don’t close the curtain just yet – events are on the upswing.…

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How to Talk the IT Talk – A Marketer’s Guide to Surviving the IT Industry

As a PR/marketing exec in the IT industry, I’ve come to find that technology jargon and concepts can be challenging to grip.  Since writing content for a tech audience is a main part of our job, it’s important to understand these concepts thoroughly. However, writing for the IT industry without an IT background is difficult. …

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Phishing for the Hook

New email message from “Beth White” – “Hope you can join me tomorrow night; click this link to reserve your seat – CLICK HERE.” Step number one, do not click that link. Although it may appear to be an email from a friend, the author may be an enemy. With the newest spear phishing techniques,…

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